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Whisky Shop NZ New Website Now Live

Posted by Katey Rudlin on


Yes! finally our new website is live and up and running. 

Whisky Shop NZ LOGO

Already we have received a lot of very complementary comments about our new cheap low pricing and  features.

By selecting Scotch Whisky from the main menu, whisky drinkers can now easily search for their perfect dram by: Name, Distillery, Region, Style or type. Plus we have some more things up our sleeves.

You can now also easily find New Releases, old, rare and collectible whisky and all spirits including Bourbon Whiskey.

Have you checked out our interactive map of Scotland yet? You can find this on both the home page and on our Choose by Region page.

We want to hear what you think, what you like or don't an also any crazy ideas you may have. Also please let us know if something is not working. You can email us at 

Watch this space for news of new products that we are trialing at the moment. There has been some serious sampling going on in our  Whisky Den.


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