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Shh! Mystery whisky a smash hit!

Posted by Katey Rudlin on

We recently sent out or gave mystery samples of a new whisky distillery to some of our customers and industry colleagues. Response came back with a massive thumbs up, which didn't surprise us, as since we received our first shipment we have been selling it by the caseload.

So what is it? Why were we so secretive? After all Jim Murray gave them all between 94.5 and 96.5 points out of 100.

Well we wanted people to try it with an unbiased and open mind, so we simply told them the basics: that it's a single malt and either peated or unpeated, depending on which one we'd supplied. Also, although Jim Murray is well recognised as an expert, it's always good to put his values to the test.

And now the reveal....

...Meet Paul John Indian single Malt Whisky.  View in store

The only Indian single malt to be made exclusively with all ingredients sourced from within India. The one production item they specifically import from Scotland is peat which they use in their own maltings to add smoke to their Indian barley. 

To suit your palate, if you're not a peat fan try the Brilliance or Classic.

The Edited has a whiff of delicious smoke.

Lovers of peat will find the peated whisky definitely smoky but down a notch from the Islay whiskies, whislt the Bold is peated using peat sourced from Islay. 

The Edited, Bold and Peated are at a special introductory price until Christmas

Edited John Paul single malt indian whisky


"Edited" by John Paul Whisky

96.5 points Jim Murray

Distillery Description:

This is where you taste the sea of Goa.  This masterfully crafted Indian Single Malt Whisky brings to the fore a hint of peat, created from the distinctly chosen cask profile to delight the ardent malt drinker. Grassy barley shows first, but then slowly makes way for the most gentle peat notes.They dissolve into the palate and begins to build momentum and intensity. 

Slow down now to a chocolate mint and mocha rush, as well as a sublime molasses note that overwhelms you with a sweet end. Dreams are made of this.


So where do the flavours come from?

Creating a single malt involves a careful choice of ingredients, equipment and techniques combined to produce an inspired balance of flavour.Based in Goa, the distillery has developed a signature flavour of malty cereal, honey and vanilla, combined with a luscious oily mouth feel and a salty edge.

With Paul John, the casks used are predominantly ex Bourbon, literally hand picked in the states, which contributes to the vanilla flavours. The maltiness and thick oily mouth feel result from a couple of things: The choice of a six row barley, high in protein which produces a lower alcohol yield, steep necked stills, which cause a reflux, meaning more vapours fall back into the still and like all "tasty" single malts the whisky is un-chillfiltered and bottled at at least 46%.

Finally the delicious salty tang comes literally from the salt air blowing in off the sea at Goa.

The Edited is highly recommended to drink alongside chocolate bread and butter pudding.

The Edited, Bold and Peated are at a special introductory price until Christmas


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