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Paul John Indian Whisky Tasting - What actually happens at a whisky tasting?

Posted by Katey Rudlin on

Meet the distiller! Paul John whisky has stolen awards away from Scottish distilleries and this tasting is not to be missed.


So you've heard about whisky tastings but never attended one. Why not? Worried you will stand out as a newbie? Think that you need to know heaps? Or maybe just think a particular tasting is not for you.

Well, actually, you don't need to know anything, except that you quite like whisky.

At our Paul John Indian single malt whisky tasting you are welcome to come as a complete novice or as an experienced connoisseur.  Read about the tasting. Tues 23rd Feb at The Rich Heart Auckland.

Experienced whisky drinker?


So you've been to whisky tastings before, but please be reassured that these are fantastic michael john dsouzawhiskies and definitely worth trying, PLUS how often do you get the chance to meet a whisky distiller? 

Key points about the Paul John Indian whisky tasting

  • You will meet the distiller, Michael John and be able to talk to him and ask questions
  • You will learn the philosophy behind the whisky, how it is made and what makes it so special
  • You get to try the core range of 5 single malts, plus a single cask sample selected exclusively for you by the distiller.
  • You can order a bottle signed by Michael John himself.

So what happens at a whisky tasting? For those who've never been.

  1. Typically you are met with a welcome dram or a beer.
  2. Next you will be seated at a table with six glasses laid out in front of you. DO NOT TOUCH! until you are invited to, although if you want to carefully sniff them one at a time that is good, in fact it is recommended. You will notice immediately how different they all smell. - Paul John whisky ranges from un-peated to quite heavily peated, (smoky in layman's terms). See the collection and find out more.
  3. Once the tasting starts  you will be invited to try the whiskies. Make sure to leave some in each glass so that you can revisit at the end.
  4. Michael John will talk about each whisky in turn and he may ask everyone what they smell or taste, but don't worry you don't have to say anything, however you will undoubtedly find that as other people talk about flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, tropical fruits and bonfires, you will begin to recognise those flavours and aromas too and maybe start to detect some all of your own.
  5. For newbie and connoisseur alike, each whisky tasting is a learning experience.

What are you waiting for? Book your seat now!

Paul John Whisky



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