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Whisky for Father's Day - How to choose.

Posted by Katey Rudlin on

Whisky can make the ideal gift for Father's Day and ordering online makes it even easier.

Especially as we gift wrap for free if your bottle is over $100* and only costs $3.50 if it's less than that.

 *Bottles over $100 will only be wrapped where a gift message is included

But how to choose?

Often one of four things comes to mind when choosing a whisky gift. 

  1. I would like a gift pack 
  2. I know the brand/distillery that the person I'm gifting usually drinks and I want to buy that
  3. I know the brand/distillery that the person I'm gifting usually drinks, but I'd like to buy something different that they will still enjoy.
  4. I have no idea what whisky the person I'm gifting normally drinks

Arran minis

1.  Gift packs 

Gift packs can be a great way to go as they always feel a little special and generally don't bust your budget. It still helps to know what style of whisky Dad likes, for instance if he enjoys smoky whiskies from Islay like Laphroaig, Lagavulin or Ardbeg, he would probably enjoy one of these:

Bowmore small batch gift pack with Scottish spring water


Ardbeg Escape Gift pack with two glasses

Ardbeg Exploration gift pack with two mini bottles of different expressions.


If Dad likes a lighter style of whisky, we have some great Glenmorangie combos created especially with Father's
Day in mind. Or the Glenmorangie taster set.


If you think something a little sweeter and spicier is in order try the Arran mini tri pack. (pictured above), or the Arran 10 yo with 2 glasses

glenmorangie taster pack  bowmore gift

2.  Buying the usual tipple

If you know which whisky Dad really enjoys life is easy. Just go to our A to Z of single malts and find the distillery or enter the name into our search box top right.

stronachie 10

3.  Buying something a little different

Check out our special Father's Day deal on the multi award winning Indian single malts from Paul John. The special pack includes a Polo Shirt.

When you know the usual tipple that Dad drinks, but you'd like to buy him something different there are a couple of ways you can go about it.

Firstly you could check out our "Alternatives" chart. Here you'll find some of the most commonly quaffed whiskies and some interchangeable alternatives.

Secondly you could choose something in a similar style to Dad's normal whisky. For instance, if you know he likes smoky whisky, or perhaps he enjoys a sherried whisky, then head to our "choose by style" section and choose his preferred style. This will bring up lots of whiskies that fit that profile.

Thirdly, choose something that has a bit of a story attached  like Stronachie or Arran Machrie Mooror perhaps consider a limited edition, like Glenlivet 12 yo First Fill

4.  Choosing something when you're not sure what they like

Whisky has many different flavours, some are sherried, some intensely smoky. others light and mellow. If you're not sure what type of whisky Dad likes it's probably best to stick to something in the middle of the flavour spectrum., not too light but not smoky.

Here are some suggestions:

Blended Scotch

Bank Note (Premium blend with 40% single malt content)

The Fat Trout - great if Dad's into fishing plus we have a great deal which includes a T shirt

Single Malts Under $100

Glengoyne 10 

Stronachie 10

Glengoyne 15 glengoyne 18


Single Malts between $100 - $200

Arran 10 gift pack with glasses  

Arran 14  

Glengoyne 18 

Arran 18 

Stronachie 18

Glengoyne 18

Glenmorangie Father's Day Combos

Something a bit special

Glenmorangie Signet with cufflinks


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