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Want to be an educated whisky drinker? Or hone your already awesome skills?

WhiskyFit is a comprehensive training program, to get you motivated and passionate about whisky.

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As a member of the WhiskyFit gym you will get exclusive special offers and discounts on certain products as well as honing your whisky skills and bulking up those whisky muscles.


  • Tailored WhiskyFit workout plan
  • Access to discounted sample packs specifically designed to help you explore the wold of whisky.
  • Dedicated WhiskyFit Facebook group with Expert coaches to help you
  • Discounts on many products
  • You can sign up and start at any time and work at your own pace.

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Programme Outline:

Get WhiskyFit for 2016 

Need to get in great whisky shape? - Well this is your whisky gym for 2016!

12 ways in which you can improve your whisky fitness for 2016.

We will cover:
1. Whisky Mindset – overcome negative beliefs:
Example: “I’d love to enjoy a good whisky but it’s too expensive”
We explain how you don’t need to spend a fortune to further your whisky knowledge
2. Whisky Objectives – what you want to achieve
We help you decide exactly what you want to achieve from your whisky training. Your end goal.
For instance, If you’re a newbie, this might be to understand all the whisky basics and identify whiskies from different regions. Someone who already knows the basics would have a more specific objective for improvement
3. SMART Whisky Goals (These will help you achieve your objectives)
How to set realistic goals that are achievable to you
4. Take the Whisky fitness Test – what level are you?
Find out exactly what you already know – The test will also highlight all the things that you can learn about.
5. Your whisky work out plan- based on your current whisky strengths.
Your fitness test score will enable you to choose the right training plan
6. Gear up. Get the right whisky accessories to enhance the experience.
Learn about the essential accessories you need to begin your training.
See what sample packs we are offering
7. Stay on track – Get a whisky work out buddy to support you
Quite simply it’s more interesting to share your experiences with someone else
8. Say it out loud – Commit to whisky fitness and share help and information with others
Start discussing your whisky experiences online and sharing tasting notes and information. There will be a Facebook group for whisky fit.
9. Keep it simple. Target specific whisky “muscle” groups
How to focus your training so that you don’t get confused or overwhelmed with too much information.
10. Diarise : Keep notes.
Forgot which weight you used last time in the gym? Well it’s the same with whisky, although you can get a lot of pleasure from simply sampling whisky, it becomes more meaningful if you can remember the key flavours and therefore compare them.
11. Super-size your whisky – build a collection.
Guidance on what sort of collection to build, i.e. whether it’s for consumption, investment, a mixture or something else.
12. Surviving on your own on the quest for the perfect dram
Where to next and how to hone your new found skills


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