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Eucalypt. Driftwood Whisky Art Stand

  • $100.00

Eucalypt. Driftwood Whisky Art Stand

 Price is for wood carving only. Whisky and/or glasses not included.

 Hand-crafted, up-cycled driftwood, "morphed" into a whisky plinth.

 The perfect gift for the whisky lover who thought he had everything

 .Hand crafted from a beautiful piece of long lost eucalypt, this whisky stand is carefully balanced to support your favourite bottles of whisky. Perfect to sit atop any cabinet or table, position your whiskies and sit back and stare – maybe drool a little – if you’re on your own of course – not so good in company.


 Bart Burgers loves fishing and whilst touring around New Zealand peddling his whisky, he occasionally takes time out to search for new fishing spots. Very often a piece of driftwood will catch his eye and on returning to his man-cave he lovingly morphs it into whisky art. 

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