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Glen Elgin 16 yo

Glen Elgin 16 yo

  • $300.00

Glen Elgin 16 yo 58.5% abv

The Glen Elgin distillery is located in the ‘Lossie’ area of the 
Speyside region in central Scotland. Its closest neighbours are 
Benriach, Coleburn and Longmorn.

Nose: Balanced but not terribly expressive at first. 'Green'; a whiff of something farmy. Fruity - prune jam? 
Powers up in a few minutes; some organics emerge in the background. Grows bigger and bolder over time. 
Taste: Soft start, powering up in the centre. Sweetish, malty and hot, not a lot of definition. Gritty finish. 

<<please note this whisky has to be shipped from a private seller>>

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