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Independent vs Distillery whisky sample set WhiskyFit Athletes

  • $35.00

Independent vs Distillery bottlings whisky sample set WhiskyFit Athletes

Designed to be used alongside our FREE online whisky training course - WhiskyFit  

This kit will further develop your skills to:

  • Compare and contrast two whiskies from the same distillery
  • Detect and verbalise the signature note from a distillery
  • Appraise the benefits of a more limited bottling 

Contains 6 whisky samples each roughly the size of a bar shot.

(Note. Bottle size, shape and colour may vary from image, but will contain the same quantity)

Set contains:

Ledaig 10 years distillery Bottling

Ledaig  2004 aged 10 yearsUltimate Bottling

Ardmore Traditional Cask Distillery Bottling

Ardmore 2008 Ultimate Bottling

Auchentoshan 12 years distillery Bottling

Auchentoshan 1999 15 years Ultimate