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Loopuyt Dry Gin

Loopuyt Dry Gin

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Loopuyt Dry Gin

70cl/45.1% abv

Loopuyt is the “New Western” Gin

Official Notes:
The traditional London dry gins contain many junipers berries. The other herbs play a minor role. Recent demand is shifting towards new western gins. This new type contains several determined botanical flavours, that together with juniper give a surprising and often complex aroma and taste. Loopuyt is clearly a new western gin.
Nature is stubborn

All raw materials of Loopuyt come directly from nature. It is important to be one with nature, yet the preparation is not always a bed of roses. Changing weather conditions during the growing season may well influence the taste or smell of a fruit or spice.
12 distillates

We individually evaluate all of our 12 herbs, berries, seeds and peels. Each distillate is strictly controlled in order to reach a correct flavour and aroma until we achieve our quality of standards. Only when all 12 components are perfect, the gin is ready for preporation. The end product is therefore of a persistent quality.

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