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Mudfish. Driftwood Whisky Art Stand

  • $80.00

Mudfish. Driftwood Whisky Art Stand



 Price is for wood carving only. Whisky and/or glasses not included.

Hand-crafted, up-cycled driftwood, "morphed" into a whisky plinth.


The perfect gift for the whisky lover who thought he had everything


.A striking piece of wood with a brilliant red interior, hand crafted and balanced to display your favourite bottle of whisky. Alive with motion, the carving has a remarkable resemblance to a mudfish, wriggling along the bottom of a river bed.








Bart Burgers loves fishing and whilst touring around New Zealand peddling his whisky, he occasionally takes time out to search for new fishing spots. Very often a piece of driftwood will catch his eye and on returning to his man-cave he lovingly morphs it into whisky art. 

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