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Talisker 175 anniversary

Talisker 175 anniversary

  • $325.00

Talisker 175 anniversary 45.8% abv

A one-off bottling to commemorate Talisker's founding in 1830. A malt of striking contrasts, this scotch whisky is soft and sweet at heart, yet austere and impressive.

Appearance: Light gold. Body: Medium. Palate: An immediate sweet flash of coconut soon becomes medicinal, then starts to smolder. The smoke ignites into flame then starts to dry. Water calms this down and out come the maritime notes, alongside the embers of a now-dead wood fire.

Finish: Becomes increasingly spicy approaching the big, maritime, robust and lingering finish. When dilute, increasingly subtle and liquorish, but the smoke still drives through towards the finish.

<<please note this whisky has to be shipped from a private seller>>

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